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Mega MVPs drop the following:

  • Mini Shower Scroll
  • Enchantment Stone Box
  • Power Stone
  • Mithril Coin
  • Carnium
  • HD Carnium
  • Magic Stone
  • HD Oridecon

They also drop event tokens and boxes, and have a chance to drop a gear.

For those gears with "Adds a slot" written, it's because the original gears didn't have slots on them.
Mega MVP Drop Description
P Gear's Poo Poo Hat[1] Adds a slot
Damage reduction increased to 12%
+25% Experience received from all monsters
Bereavement's Skull Ring[1] Adds a slot
Chance to cause all damage over time status effects.
Starlight Flower's Wool Scarf[1] +4 MDEF
+10% Magic Attack
-10% Damage received from neutral element
Set Bonus still functions
Rock Emperor's Fin Helm[1] Adds a slot
Usable by all classes
+5% reflect all physical damage
+5% chance to reflect magical damage
Lady Apocalypse's Robo Eye[1] +2% ATK
+2% MATK
+4 DEX
Adds a slot

They also have a chance to drop cards:

Mega MVP Drop Description
P Gear Card Grants a 5*5 area of effect damage to auto attacks
+10% Damage to all types of enemies (Physical Damage)
Compounds on Weapon
Bereavement Card +10% damage to all enemies
Chance to cause coma on players
Both effects stack
Compounds on Weapon
Starlight Flower Card +6 Attack Range
-5% Damage to all types of enemies
Compounds on Shoes
Rock Emperor Card +25,000 HP
None of your equipment can be broken
-35% damage received from neutral element
Compounds on Armor
Lady Apocalypse Card Killing causes scrap to drop. 1 Scrap from monsters and 5 Scrap from players.
Once you've obtained 20 scrap you can use it to transform
and gain a strong buff for a short period of time.
Compounds on Accessory

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