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-Lying to any staff member for your gain will result in severe punishment. An example would be saying you randomly lost an item when you traded it for something.

-Using multiple accounts is allowed. HOWEVER, using multiple accounts in events or events you have to register for to gain extra reward is strictly forbidden. Example: Joining WOR an extra account. Example 2: Using an AFK account in GvG to gain WoE Insignia, or an extra account in PvP to farm for killmarks. This will result in your reward remove as well as a temporary ban.

-You are not allowed to have more than one character inside of castles. This means that you cannot have more than one character in the same castle OR characters in different castles. You must exit the castle on any character that is already inside of a castle before you can enter with a new one. THIS INCLUDES USING EMERGENCY CALL TO RECALL YOUR OWN CHARACTER. Even if you log off after recalling your character you are still breaking the rule by having more than one character inside the castle!This will result in your reward remove as well as a temporary ban.

-Do not use multiple characters to start automated events. This means things such as Battle of Oblivion. If there's not enough players to start it normally don't try to start it by parking extra characters. This will result in your reward remove as well as a temporary ban.

-Use tunneling services at your own risk. If a player using it is IP banned and your account happens to share the same IP you will be affected by it.

-The use of third party programs are not allowed and will result in a permanent ban. These include, but are not limited to macros, bots and packet editors.

-Any external source of automated game play is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to things such as gaming keyboard or mice macros.

-The minimum amount of characters you are allowed to have in your name is four. If you have less than this such as a one letter name like "L", you will receive a permanent ban.

-Using exploits and bugs to your advantage will result in a permanent ban. You should report any bugs or exploits to a GM or Admin immediately or post them here on the forum.

-Do not trade items and zeny for real world money/items or for items and zeny on another server. Doing this will result in a permanent ban.

-Do not advertise other Ragnarok Online servers. This will result in a permanent ban.

-Impersonating a staff member will result in a permanent ban report anyone you see doing this.

-A staff member will never ask you for your account information.

-English only on #main chat or any global channel. You may use what you please in others.

-Do not PM players garbage or spam to try to interrupt their game play by causing a chat window to appear.

-Any Bar code (|ll|lll) names or generally very difficult to read names are NOT allowed. Your character will be renamed to something else of our choosing, and other punishment at the GM's discretion.

-The Skill Greed is not allowed to be used in any "Shower" events. These are events where players are showered with items. Punishment will be at the GM's discretion.

Kill Stealing

-Attacking a normal mob that re-spawns right away or very shortly, we do not consider kill stealing and will not be punished. However, if someone is constantly following you and killing mobs your trying to kill or farm where you farm, it may be considered harassment and they may be punished for that. Report it to a GM and they will make the call if it is harassment or not.

-Attacking and killing an MVP, a mob that has a long re-spawn time, or a very difficult mob to kill, when another player started fighting it first is considered kill stealing and is not allowed. Doing this will result in you losing the item and being punished in some other way. If you're fighting an MVP or a monster that teleports, it is then a free mob and no longer considered yours until you start attacking it again. Another player cannot tell if the said monster has been abandoned and no longer being attacked, so we will not punish players for this. If you're fighting a monster that does this, we suggest you try to locate it quickly. It is also considered a free monster if the player(s) fighting it die.

-If you're not sure if you've been KS-ed, ask a GM. Please note in most cases players will not be punished for most things outside of these kill stealing guidelines.

-We highly suggest taking screenshots, or video if possible. If we cannot determine that you've been KS-ed for certain, we will likely not be able to help you. We cannot just take a players word for it.


-Do not use alternate characters and accounts to farm PvP points (killmarks). This also counts for friends using their accounts to feed you points.


-Ground skills such as traps, Bomb(Demonstration) etc. must have a 3 tile gap between the portal entrance and the skill.


-Players may now only use 3 vendors. Extras will be kicked from the server. Please use the market section of the forum if you need more sales.

-If you need help with something in game, don't ask if you can ask. It's annoying. Just ask.