Custom Gunslinger Weapons

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NameEffectObtainable From
Havoc[4]Small chance to stun enemies when attacking.Headless Mule
(Brasilis Field 1)
Sweeper[4]Attack: 100
5x5 area attacks.
Luciola Vespa
(Splendide Field 3)
Cutlass[4]Attack: 100
+ 20% ASPD
Aqua Elemental
(Nidhoggur's Nest Lv 1)
Hazard Launcher[4]Attack: 100
Small chance to stun enemies when attacking.
Small chance to break armor when attacking.
5x5 area attacks
(Thor's Volcano Dungeon 3)
Deadeye[4]Attack: 100
+ 100 HIT
(Outskirts of Kamidal Mountain)(El Dicastes Field 2)