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An overview of Colosseum (Asphodell)

The Colosseum is a special PvP area you can warp to using the Warpa. The thing that makes it special is that an MVP spawns there every 35 - 55 minutes, these MVPs drop regular MVP drops and have a chance (20%, 40% if using Bubblegum) to drop a unique costume. There are also strong monsters that spawn that are great for farming zeny and supplies and a small chance for them to drop special rare costumes.

Note: MVP monsters that spawn here are stronger than their normal versions.

List of MVP that can spawn

There are a few differences between these and the normal MVPs that spawn in dungeons. These all have a 20% chance of dropping a costume item. Beelzebub is a special Case as well. The drop rates of Variant Shoes, Staff of Destruction and Bison Horn are reduced to 40%.

Golden Thief BugBullock Helm
Amon RaAnubis Helm
Evil Snake LordGangster Scarf
Fallen BishopBeret Costume
BeelzebubAFK Hat Costume
Valkyrie RandgrisValkyrie Feather Band
Wounded MorrocEvil Wing Ears
BacsojinAngel Wing Ears
Lady TaneeBubble Gum In Mouth
RSX-0806Cigar Pipe
Moonlight FlowerKitsune Mask
VesperRobo Eyes
Orc HeroOrc Hero Helm
IfritIfrit Mask

Note: All items mentioned above are costumes.

Non-MVP mobs

NameMob ID
Bloody Murderer2960
Raydric Archer2961
Dark Frame2969

Note: All non-MVP mob has a chance to drop special rare costumes namely Bloody Omega Wings, Celestial Dark Flame, Wings of Happiness, Great Devil Wings, and Fallen Angel Wings.

Useful Tip: You can use the command @mi <mob_id> to check what property and what items they drop.

    Exmaple: @mi 2959