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Hello there, newbie. You must be lost.

Okay, enough with the corniness! If you’re a new player, you have NEVER played in any other Ragnarok server, and GlacialRO is your VERY first, this guide will help you adjust to it. You may refer to it again and again as, of course, this will always be present in the server wiki no matter what. This is NOT only limited to newbies, but of course, those who transferred from other servers, but can't seem to point out the differences.

First things first, before getting started in the server, make sure to read these rules. Following these rules is the first step to surviving in Ragnarok.

Basic Game Controls

You can read about the basic game controls here.

Take note that not every command or hotkey in that list works in GlacialRO.

  • In GlacialRO, the Equipment and Stats windows are separate. You can open the Equipment with Alt + Q and the Stats with Alt + A.
  • Alt + B doesn't function.
  • /report is an invalid command.
  • /quake is also an invalid command.
  • The /navi command works, but the navigator says "The purpose is unclear" and it doesn't show you the directions.

edit: Stat raise command does exist.

In-game @Commands

GlacialRO has 32 @ commands.

  • @whodrops [item name/ID] - Displays info regarding what monster(s) drop/s the item.
  • @storage - Opens your Storage.
  • @go [City Name/Number] - Warps you to a City. If argument is omitted, displays list of towns you can warp to.
  • @time - Displays current server time/date. It also displays how long the server is in night or day mode.
  • @uptime - Displays for how long the server has been online.
  • @pettalk [Message] - Makes your pet say the specified message.
  • @autoloot - Enables/disables autolooting from killed mobs.
  • @alootid + [Item Name/ID] - Allows you to add up to 10 items to your autoloot list. @alootid - [item name/ID] will remove the item from the list. With @alootid reset, the autoloot list is cleared
  • @mobinfo/mi - Shows monster info (stats, drops, MVP stuff).
  • @rates - Shows server exp/drop rates.
  • @iteminfo/@ii - Shows item info (type, price, etc).
  • @showexp - Enables/Disables gained experience display.
  • @autotrade/@at - Allows you to vend while offline.
  • @changeleader [Character Name] - Changes the leader of your party (You must be party leader).
  • @commands - Displays list of commands available.
  • @request [Message] - Sends a message to all connected GMs.
  • @homtalk [Message] - Makes your homunculus (if any) say the specified message. Note: This command is only for Creators.
  • @hominfo - Displays specific information about your homunculus, including stats, intimacy, hunger, etc. Note: This command is only for Creators.
  • @noks {Self/Party/Guild} - Enables/Disables KS(KillSteal) protection. Mobs attacked by you will be immune to other players' attacks for 10 seconds. If set to Party/Guild, monsters can be attacked by your party/guildmates respectively. If argument is omitted, defaults to "Party".
  • @accept - Accepts an invitation to a duel.
  • @reject - Rejects an invitation to a duel.
  • @duel {Character Name} - Starts a duel. If specified, automatically sends Character Name a duel invitation.
  • @invite [Character Name] - Sends Character Name a duel invitation.
  • @leave - Leaves a duel.
  • @autoloottype - You can add with @autoloottype + <type> or remove with @autoloottype - <type>. The loot types are healing, usable, etc, weapon, armor, card, petegg, petarmor, ammo. It can be reset like alootid command with @autoloottype reset.
  • @whereis - you can find out where a certain monster spawns.
  • @me - you can type a sentence finisher and the sentence will come out in third person.


  • @showdelay - skill delay features can be shown or not.
  • @petrename – Renames your pet when you’re too lazy to press Alt + J.
  • @jailtime - in case you’ve been jailed for breaking in-game rules.
  • @noask - your character can auto reject invitations or requests.

Skill bars

The first time you log into the client, you won't be able to use the skill bars yet because the other three skill bars don't have hotkeys assigned to them. The first skill bar is automatically assigned F1~F9.


To set up the hotkeys for other three bars:

  1. Press Esc. You'll see the game setting window popup. If you have any docked windows open, keep pressing until you find this window.


  2. Click on BM/Shortcut Settings. The shortcut settings window will appear. You can see that not only can you change the skill bar hotkeys, but also the interface and macro hotkeys.


  3. Customize your second, third, and fourth bars to your preference. (The example above is from a player.)


In Ragnarok, the currency for buying stuff is zeny. To get zeny, you can sell unneeded items (such as unwanted gears or miscellaneous stuff) or, if you're part of a guild, farm treasure boxes and gold from the Scarlet Palace guild dungeon (2.10) or the Bright Arbor guild dungeon (2.13). Just make sure the castle belongs to the guild you're in before going inside.

For non-guilded people: farm Khukri from Petites and sell them at the tool dealer. It sells for a better price if you're a merchant with a max-leveled Overcharge. Ok.gif


Selling with a merchant and max-leveled Overcharge.

Conversion Rate of Coins

You can exchange the coins you obtain from fighting giants and tinies and sometimes Golden Thiefbug (by coins, it's not the roulette coins) to zeny with this NPC, the coin banker (6). He can also do the reverse, changing your zeny to coins.

The conversion rates are the following:

Coin Kind Zeny Equivalent
Bronze Coin 10,000 z
Platinum Coin 100,000 z
Gold Coin 1,000,000 z
Mithril Coin 10,000,000 z

Farming Guide

If you have nothing else to do in-game after you've leveled up to 255, why not farm? Below are the most farmed materials.

  • Yggdrasil berries (item code 607) - Restores HP and SP to maximum. It's the most needed item, especially when hunting MVPs, tinies, giants, and Mega MVPs, whether you're dying or running out of SP. You can farm these from Baphomet Jr in Hugel Field 6 or Hidden Dungeon 3. Watch your weight though because these berries are heavy.
  • Oridecon (item code 984) - Needed to refine weapons or create Enriched Oridecon. Refer to Refining System. You can farm these from Juperos Core and also Baphomet Jr in Hugel Field 6 or Hidden Dungeon 3.
  • Elunium (item code 985) - Needed to refine gears or create Enriched Elunium. You can farm these from Juperos 2.
  • Bradium (item code 6224) - Needed to forge weapons with a whitesmith. You can farm these from Bradium Golem in Manuk Field 2 or Dolomedes in El Dicastes Fields.
  • Small Bradium (item code 6319) - An alternative to making bradiums if your character dies easily in Manuk and El Dicastes Fields. You can farm these at Brasilis Dungeons and refine those into Bradiums. Read about it here.

You can create enriched Eluniums and enriched Oridecons with the Ore Specialist. You can also learn about forging here.


Want to try and kill MVPs? Maybe want a card from a certain MVP? Test yourself in the MVP Arena by clicking on Warpra (2.2) and selecting Special Areas. There you'll see four guides to four different arenas: Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Epsilon.

Below are the MVPs who spawn in each arena.

Alpha Beta Theta Epsilon
Moonlight Flower
Orc Hero
Orc Lord
Turtle General
Lord of Death
Dark Lord
Incantation Samurai

If you want to hunt down any other MVP outside the MVP Arena, here are the most frequently hunted for starters:

* Use an elemental ranged type job like a sniper. Physical type jobs are most likely to miss.
MVP Name Location
Valkyrie Randgris Odin Temple 3
Tao Gunka Beach Dungeon 1
Gloom Under Night Rachel Sanctuary 5
Evil Snake Lord* Gonryun Dungeon 3

as of July 14, 2017

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