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Fresh start server Sol is now open!
05/03/19 by Yoshi
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GlacialRO Open + Fresh Start Server Sol info
04/19/19 by Yoshi
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GlacialRO Opening
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Welcome to the GlacialRO website!.

December 19 16
Glacial Ragnarok Online's Christmas event has begun! e have some new things happening during the event from last year so be sure to check it out! It will be running from December 18th until January 6th.Check the link below for full details.

Christmas Event

October 24 2016
GlacialRO's 2016 Halloween event has begun. There are over 100 costumes you can collect! Full details below:
Halloween Event

July 12 2016

The summer event is finally here! We have plenty of new costumes for everyone as well as the costumes from last year for new and old players who missed any. The event will run from now until the end of July. Below are more details about the event. For full details please view the forum: Summer Event click Here

May 20 2016

The long awaited PVE update is finally here! This is one of our biggest updates ever and we're excited about finally being done with it. We have a lot of new stuff as well as a lot of changes to the refine system. I'll summarize everything below for you! For full details please view the changelog: Changelog

Refine system changes: We've changed the way refines work on the server. The biggest change is that the maximum refine for weapons is now 20 instead of 10. Armors have not been changed. We've also changed the bonuses given by refine. Refining weapons past 10 gives a larger bonus than normal and refining past 15 gives an even bigger bonus. The other big change we've done is that magical weapons gain MATK from refines. This means that magic users get extra damage for refining their weapons now! Refining past 10 requires materials dropped by the new Giant and Tiny monsters in this update. We've also added Magic Stones which allow you to prevent your item from losing refine levels if refining fails. These can be obtained from Tiny monsters and Mega MVPS.

Monster update: We've added about 150 Giant and Tiny monsters to the server as well as Mega MVP Monsters. You can find one in almost every field map in the game so make sure you visit all of them! These monsters drop the items required for refining past +10 as well as enchant boxes so you can obtain all the new equipment enchants! Giant Monsters have a large range in difficulty from easy so new players can kill them to very strong even for older players. Tiny Monsters are generally stronger than Giant monsters but some are relatively easy. Most Giant and Tiny monsters can be killed solo but some might be too hard to solo. Tiny Monsters have better drops that Giants and have a chance of dropping Mega MVP Scrolls, scrolls that let you summon Mega MVPS! All Giant and Tiny monsters will have card effects added to them over time but you can still collect their blank cards while you wait for them to have effects added!

Mega MVP monsters are raid bosses and are very tough and require a party to defeat! Like Giant and Tiny monsters, these only appear in fields. They all have card drops and drop unique versions of items. They drop items that are similar to existing items but with improved stats! These have even better drop rates for things like enchant stones and refine materials than Giant and Tiny monsters.

New Enchants: As mentioned above, there are many new enchants you can get. Giant, Tiny and Mega MVP monsters will drop enchant boxes you can open for a random enchant stone. You can also now remove enchants from items for a fee.

Sacrificial Altar: If you sacrifice enough player skulls at this altar a Mega MVP is spawned. The amount required is random and any player on the server can contribute.

May 12 2016

We're getting close to completing our update so I want to share a bit more of what we've been working on.

If you haven't seen me talk about it in another thread, we are making changes to the refine system for weapons. I won't spoil everything just yet but here are some of the juicy bits:

Refine changes:
-The amount of ATK you gain from refining weapons is being increased. The higher the refine level the more ATK you'll get from each refine. This means that refining will be more important for getting as much damage as possible out of your weapons.

-Books, Rods and a few other weapon like MATK daggers will now gain MATK per refine. We want refining to be important to magic users too and magic in general needs a damage increase. We've had to reduce the base matk bonuses on these weapons to compensate but with refines the potential damage gain is much higher. 2H rods do not have a base damage reduction and they gain more from refine bonuses than 1H rods. This will allow magic users the option of being very powerful glass cannons.

-We have more changes to refines coming but you'll just have to wait and see what they are!

March 29 2016
We hope everyone will give a warm welcome to our new Event GM Mimi. Our GM's job will be to routinely run GM events for our players, and hopefully do some wiki editing as well as keeping our guides up to date. I want to make clear that a GM is not supposed to use their powers to gain an advantage on any legitimate character they may own OR give some kind of advantage to their friends. If you suspect this at any time, please contact me or Yoshi with a PM on the forum explaining why you suspect what you do. We take this very seriously. Other than that, this will hopefully mean more events/fun for players.

March 21 2016
A patch is required to play as this patch implemented our new anti-cheat solution Gepard Shield. You can obtain the patch with the patcher no external download needed. Side Note: I believe things like Pingzapper should work now but I'm not certain. If any players can confirm if it works or not that would be nice.

March 20 2016
Maintenance is now over. Hashield has been successfully removed and the new clients are now available for download. You need to use the new small installer to update your game before playing. We may have an additional maintenance later or sometime this week to install Gepard Shield. Also, make sure you start your game using Play GlacialRO.exe. Don't use the old Hashield launcher.The download links at the downloads page havebeen updated. Downloads Page

March 17 2016
It's that time of year where Leprechauns roam the land! Today is the start of GlacialRO's 2016 Saint Patrick's Day event! The event will be active from now until April 1st. This means you have 2 weeks to collect all the new costumes! Whenever you kill monsters with a Luck O' Irish Equipped you'll have a chance to find a Gold Pouch. If you don't have one you can make one at the Custom Item Dealer in Caspen. Once you have enough Gold Pouches you can give them to O'Riley in exchange for costumes. You can find him by warping to Payon. He'll be there at the spawn area. Visit the link below for full details and to view the costumes available!
Click Here for full details

March 11 2016
We currently have a big project in development that will enhance the PvE aspect of the game. A lot of things we create are with PvP in mind which is great but with our small playerbase there isn't a lot of PvP activity. While we do make PvE updates sometimes, a lot of it requires a party of 5 or so to do which means we don't have a lot of activities d esigned for solo players or small groups. The goal of this update is to do both at the same time. We want to add more PvE content for people who aren't interested in PvP and so that there are more things players can do without requiring a group. This will help encourage players to log on and actively play outside of WOE because there will be things they can do at any time of the day without waiting for other people to log on. The difficulty will vary to ensure that players old and new can participate in the new content and have something to challenge them.
So, you're probably wondering what exactly this update is. We don't want to completely spoil the update but what I will say is that there will be a lot more monsters to fight and a lot more item drops that players will want to farm. Equipment, enchants, costumes, consumables etc. We'll also be implementing daily quests through the Mission Board. If you don't know what a daily is, basically it's a quest you can do once a day for a reward. Completing these daily quests will reward you with items that you can use and redeem for other goodies. There will also be new quests coming that will require drops from these new monsters.
We have a few other smaller projects we're working on as well. We're thinking of adding more WOE days by splitting some of the current castles into two days with only a single castle active per day. Due to the current low population it doesn't make sense to have two castles at once. We're also looking at adding more automated events to give players extra little minigames they can play during the day.

February 14 2016
Glacial Ragnarok Online's Valentines Event has begun! his is just a small event we're doing to allow players to obtain a few new costumes. If you played here last year, you'll recognize some of these costumes. There are a total of 15 you can get now. Also, whenever you donate you will get an extra 50% credits. It will be running from February 14 until February 28.Check the link below for full details.

Valentines Event

December 18 2015
Glacial Ragnarok Online's Christmas event has begun! e have some new things happening during the event from last year so be sure to check it out! It will be running from December 18th until January 8th.Check the link below for full details.

Christmas Event

October 13 2015
GlacialRO's 2015 Halloween event has begun. There are over 100 costumes you can collect! Full details below:
Halloween Event

April 7 2015
The long wait is finally over. We've finished testing for now and are ready to release the new HaShield protected game client. Click below for update guide.
Maintenance News

April 5 2015
Server is currently in maintenance mode while we install our new anticheat client Hashield. We do not have an estimate for how long this will take. Check the forum thread below for updates on the server's status.
Maintenance News

Feburary 14 2015
There's a small Valentines Day event running on the server currently. This post is a little late but the event will still be running for another week. It will end on the 20th. Click below for full details.
Valentines Event

December 12 2014
Glacial Ragnarok Online's Christmas event has begun! Check the link below for full details. We have a lot of cool stuff happening during this event.
Christmas Event

October 5 2014
Hey everyone, it's the beginning of the month and I thought it's about to time to give a slightly more in depth preview of our Halloween Event. This event is scheduled to start on October 17th 12:00 am PDT and ends on November 7th 12:00 am PDT. Click below for full details about the event.
Halloween Event

September 28 2014
Gunslinger Specialization Rings have been finally beenreleased! We've been working on them for a while and now you will have a chance to try them out. Gunslingers are usually pretty garbage on high rate servers so this update aims to make them viable and fun to play in PvP and PvE.

As with other Specialization Rings, Gunslingers get two choices. Sniper or Assault.The Sniper Ring gives bonuses to rifles and gatling guns. The Assault Ring gives bonuses to pistols,shotguns and grenade launchers.

The last part of this update is adding new weapons for them to use because their equipment sucks as well. Hopefully these changes will help make Gunslingers make more of an appearance at Glacial RO! You can read a complete list of the details at: Gunslinger Update

July 15 2014

Donations are now open for players. Please check the forums for information and providing feedback.

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