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2017 Christmas Event 
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Hey there everyone! It's time for our 2016 Christmas Event! As usual with our holiday events the 2016 Christmas Event will have everything our previous years did but with additional stuff added. Anyways, let's get to the details!

Christmas Gifts/Gifting System!
-Christmas Gifts are simply a gift box you open to get something nice. We've added our own custom version that gives a lot nicer stuff. So these should be rather desirable, I mean they can even give some costumes. So I bet you're wondering how you can obtain these, huh? Well there's a few ways. The first way is to obtain them from the Charity Events(details below). The second way is to get them from GM Events, like a Gift Shower. Last but not least is to get them randomly gifted to you from another player. That's where the Gifting System comes in.

When hunting during the Christmas Event in Lutie Field, and Toy Factory, you can get Gift Vouchers. You can use these vouchers at Santa's Helper in Lutie. A picture of him is posted below. When you give him these gift vouchers, a random player will get a gift per voucher that you use! This is chance based. The cool part is that you can raise your chance to get a gift by simply giving gifts! The more gift vouchers you use to give gifts to random players, the higher your chance will be at receiving a gift when another player does the same. So if you want a lot of gifts, be sure to give a lot of gifts!

Notes: The gift npc may take a minute to give your gifts out, it doesn't freeze. It takes a minute for it to go through everyone to give them their gifts. It additionally only allows you to do it in sets of 5 to avoid putting to much stress on the server.

Christmas Charity/Automated Events!
-At the Christmas Charity npc(pictured below in the market) you can donate zeny. All players on the server can donate zeny into a single pool, and depending how much zeny has been donated within a certain time frame, there will be an automated event in Lutie. These events get bigger and bigger depending on the amount of zeny donated. So the more zeny everyone donates, the bigger and more grand the event will be. After an event has happened the amount will reset to zero and players can donate to a new pool. If there wasn't enough zeny donated, no event will run and the zeny will NOT reset. It will count towards the next pool. So in summary, donate zeny and get cool events in return! The rewards you can get range from gifts, supplies, quest items, and even costumes themselves!


Gift Box Round up:

New evil monsters are invading the Toy Factory and are stealing all of the precious toys! They'll show up every 4 hours to raid the factory. Kill them within 30 minutes before they escape and bring the toys back to Santa who is at the entrance of Toy Factor Level 1, 2 and the entrance to the dungeon itself(The one standing in Lutie for quests doesn't count)! If you manage to return enough toys, a shower with Super Christmas Boxes will appear containing cool costumes! Watch out though, the leaders of the monsters will appear and are much more powerful! If you manage to defeat them too, a random bonus will be applied to the server!

Temporary Bonuses:
-EXP Rate increased from 2500x to 3500x and Drop Rate increased from 2000x to 3000x for 2 hours.
-Bonus Shower.

Disguised NPCs
-Some of the market npcs will have their appearance changed for the duration of the Christmas Event. The monsters also have a different appearance during Christmas as well. Just to add a little more of that Holiday feel.


Christmas Snow
-It's winter time during Christmas of course and that means snow. All of the towns and the market, will have snowy weather enabled on them.

Different Various Market BGM
-The market will have Holiday Themed Music for the duration of the event. It has a default christmas song that will play when you enter the map, if you're in it for a long enough time it will change. There are 6 different holiday bgms it randomly picks from.

Limited Availability Cosmetic Headgear Costumes!
-We've added many new Headgear Costumes in addition to some of the ones from last! These headgears are COSMETIC ONLY and go in the costumes slot, so you can still get the stats from your headgear but have the visual of the Headgear Costume. You will only be able to obtain these during the Christmas Event. Once the Christmas Event ends you cannot obtain these anymore! You'll be able to obtain them from quests and events. Quests can be found by talking to Santa in Lutie.

2017 Costumes:
-Added Phoenix Crown Costume and Amistr Bag(garment costume) to Lutie gift box drops.
-Added Fox Ears Drop Ribbon Costume to Xmas Gift Box loot.
-Added Rainbow Star(animated) Costume to Celine Kimi loot.
-Added Snow Rabbit Fur Hat Costume to Super Christmas box.
-Added Gemini Diadem Costume to Super Chrismas Box.

2016 Costumes:

Event (box/gift/boss):


2015 Costumes:


Event (box/gift/boss):


2014 Quest Headgears:
You can make them at Lutie by talking to Santa.





Not a headgear.. but still a costume!

Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:07 pm

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Someone's a year ahead... and a year behind.

No horns and tail? No problem.

Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:13 pm
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