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Fresh start server Sol is now open! 
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Sol is now finally open! This is a fresh start server designed to have a different feel from Andvari. It has some changes I've always wanted to try but couldn't because the changes would require a wipe. I have made significant balance changes to the server. Report balance problems so I can look at them. Please be patient as there will probably be a lot of adjustments I need to make. Also, please report any Zeny changes I might have forgotten. I can only think of so many on my own.

Sol Changes:

-Max ASPD reduced to 195.
This will help stop macro users, balance damage and reduce lag in battle. Skill and auto attack damage will adjusted to compensate.

-Zeny values reduced.
Shop and quest zeny costs have also been reduced. Playing should feel mostly the same. The biggest difference is that you'll just see smaller numbers. This change is so that players won't need to use coins to hold Zeny. It also means that players will be able to use vending for expensive items that normally they wouldn't be able to sell for Zeny. Overall, it should help make a better economy for the server.

Treasure Chest sell price -> 150,000
Gym Pass buy price from Jenkins -> 125000000
Takes 834 treasure chests to buy a Gym Pass

Treasure Chest sell price -> 7,500
Gym Pass buy price -> 6250000
Takes 834 treasure chests to buy a Gym Pass

As you can see, it still takes the same amount of time to get the Gym Pass but the zeny numbers are much smaller.

Increased Refine Chances:
All refine chances on Sol are 10% higher. Compare to this: ... ing_System
Page has not be updated yet so add +10 to any chance you see listed.

Drop rate increased from 2000x to 2300x:
To make the server a bit less grindy since everyone is starting over, the server drop rates were increased by 15% to reduce grind.

Currency Shop Rework:
Most items have been removed from the currency shop. Instead of all of the currency shops selling the same items they will now sell their own unique items. Many items will not return to the shop to make sure they continue to have value to players.

-WOE castles disabled at the start.
Woe castles will temporarily be locked at the start of the server so players aren't getting lots of free items. Basic god items will be available at Lenneth for MMVP Tokens.

-Control Panel shop items are cosmetic only:
Cosmetic only is the best way to go for a donation shop. Things like Elite Status will be something you earn in game.

Changelog Highlights:

-Max ASPD Reduced from 198 to 195.
-Increases auto attack damage.
-Minimum skill delay increased from 30 to 50.
-Zeny values reduced, this included buy and sell. It takes the same amount of time to get most items as before but smaller numbers are shown.
-Most items removed from currency shops.
-WOE disabled at start.
-Basic God items can now be obtained at Lennenth with MMVP Tokens.
-Pets get hungry much slower.
-Pets gain friendly faster.
-Panic Room disabled. I want to bring normal, non afk leveling back.
-Removed many useless NPCs from Caspen.

Specialization Rings:
-All ASPD bonuses have been reduced. The bonuses are less needed due to the max ASPD decrease.
-Double Attack disabled on Virus and Reaver Rings. It's not possible to make double attacks critical so this skill has to be disabled. As mentioned in the thread earlier, please report balance issues found.

-Elite Status is now sold for zeny at Jenkins in Caspen.
-Jenkins no longer sells consumables.
-Freebie NPC disabled.
-Summoning Mace disabled.
-Necromancer Mace disabled.
-Beginner set disabled.
-PVE Set disabled.
-PVP Set disabled.
-MMVP Summon Scrolls disabled.
This change solves a few problems. MMVPS will no longer be able to be cheesed by summoning them inside tiny rooms in towns. It also means players can no longer have private MMVP spawns. This is important because God items are now obtained from MMVPs and spawns need to be competitive and limited.
-Omega Wing quest requirements reduced.
-Quincy Bow quest requirements reduced.
-Buster Sword double attack bonus replaced with 100% critical hit damage bonus.Double attacks can't crit.
-Thanatos Card now only ignores 50% of player DEF instead of 100%
-Thanatos Card now only ignores 75% of monster DEF instead of 100%
-Incantation Samurai Card now only ignores 50% of player DEF instead of 100%
-Incantation Giant Anolian Card now only ignores 75% of boss DEF instead of 100%
-Incantation Orc Warrior Card now only ignores 75% of boss DEF instead of 100%
-Incantation Caramel Card now only ignores 75% of boss DEF instead of 100%
-High Wizard card now only ignores 75% of MDEF in PVE instead of 100%
DEF/MDEF pierce changes are experimental. I want to be able to use DEF/MDEF stats instead of them being useless. I'll make adjustments if it hurts balance too much.

-Added some extra anti-cheese to MMVPs.

Fri May 03, 2019 8:35 pm
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