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New Freebie Items 
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For more than 2 years playing with the server i always experiencing the up and down when it comes to players here. Since more Ragnarok Private Servers now are offering good freebies or guild packages in there newbies to enjoy in there servers and i saw many of them (players and guilds) in the advertising group finding a unique (specialized rings, Stats and skill Delay) that is different from the other servers except the freebies that should be included when they go play. So why glacial ragnarok online don't try this? I mean good freebies or gpacks system. That's why i'm suggesting now to make a change in the server when it comes to freebies because to be honest the current freebies is useless and not pretty good enough to balance with the old players using there upgraded items and more updates happened in the server and i think one of the possible way to attract RO players is to create new freebie system that they will enjoy and stay like:

1. Make some Freebie NPC (example. Freebies for Upper HG, Freebies for Mid HG, and etc.)
2. A Specialization Freebie NPC that can get only the ring when they reached 255 and have the specific job.
3. Freebies should take only 1 per account.
4. All freebies should have a 1 week duration time. ( I think 1 week is enough to use the freebie and provide there own items before those items expired)

And here's my list for those freebies that i want to Suggest and i hope you will think of it:

Upper HG
1 pc. +0 Moonie Hat
1 pc +15 Moobert Hat
1 pc. +15 Hyegun Hat
1 pc. +15 Courageous V. Helm
1 pc. +15 Wise V. Helm
1 pc. +15 Hood of Death

Mid HG
1 pc. Alucard[1]
1 pc. Sohee bell ribbon[1]
1 pc. Evil Chii Ears[1]
1 pc. Face of Death
1 pc. Full Hollow Mask

Lower HG
1 pc. Omega Arch Angel
1 pc. Omega Arch Demon
1 pc. Omega Dark Angel
1 pc. Bloody Omega Wings

Set items (Armor, Shield, Shoes, Manteau)
2 pcs. +15 Valk. Armor[1]
2 pcs. +15 Valk. Shield[1]
2 pcs. +15 Valk. Shoes[1]
2 pcs. +15 Valk. Manteau[1]
1 pc. +0 Variant Shoes

2 pcs. +15 Rod[4]
2 pcs. +15 Sandstorm[4]
2 pcs. +15 Blade[4]
2 pcs. +15 Pike[4]
2 pcs. +15 Rope[4]
2 pcs. +15 Violin[4]
2 pcs. +15 Orcish Axe[4]
2 pcs. +15 Book[3]
2 pcs. +15 Mace[4]
1 pc. +15 Quincy Bow[3]

1 pc. Bradium Ring[1]
1 pc. Bradium Earring[1]
1 pc. Bradium Brooch[1]
1 pc. Orleans Glove[1]

1 pc. Fallen Bishop Card
1 pc. Maya Purple Card
1 pc. Orc Hero Card
1 pc. Evil Snake Lord Card
1 pc. Tao Gunka Card
1 pc. Devilling Card
1 pc. Ghostring Card
1 pc. Shadow Poring Card
1 pc. Doppelganger Card
1 pc. Ifrit Card
1 pc. Gloom Undernight Card
1 pc. Golden Thief Bug Card
1 pc. Amonra Card
1 pc. Giant Anolian Card
1 pc. Giant Sting Card
1 pc. Giant Cruiser Card
1 pc. Flamring Card
1 pc. Thara Frog Card
1 pc. Raydric Card
2 pcs. Giant Breeze Card
4 pcs. Turtle General Card
4 pcs. Hydra Card
4 pcs. Necromancer Card

Usable Items
50 pcs. Yggdrasil Berry Boxes(10)
100 pcs. EDP Bottles
10 pcs. Gold Coin

That's it .. ^_^ i think this is funny but you should try and adapt this because too many High rate server now doing this and many players are too busy and finding a good server only for enjoyment (Ready to PVP and WOE) for there rest time and they don't have enough time for like hunting maybe there are few of them is enjoying farming and hunting but most of them needs good freebies. There's nothing to worry just try it. ^_^

So Guys,
Just Relax,
Take it Easy,
Because we're still young.

Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:07 am
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